• Amber

Black Girls Thread Too!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When I decided to learn the art of eyebrow threading I felt as if I was venturing into an exotic foreign land full of mysticism and hidden beauty. I felt a beckoning to learn as much as I could about such a graceful art. Eyebrow threading has seemingly long been dominated by a culture not of my own. To be a black girl administering a service that is run predominantly by the east Asian culture is what I would consider, a huge step towards true Black Girl Magic. Imagine nervously sitting in the brow chair, prepared to be greeted by an unfamiliar stranger, that doesn’t look like you, and the anxiety of preparing to have little to no conversation with your brow artist. You ask yourself, Will they see or understand my vision? Now imagine you’re greeted instead by someone who's like you, maybe even more approachable to you, you may instantly feel more relaxed and comfortable. Your experience has now been elevated because the element of relatability is present. Threading is an art as well as a skill, and unbeknownst to many, threading originated in my homeland of Africa! Ancient Egyptians were known for their advanced hair removal techniques which spread to many parts of the Middle East, Asia, and India. History is said to repeat itself and threading has always been apart of us, of our history, and our culture. So when asked, ”What’s it feel like breaking into something completely new to us?”, my answer is, ”We’re actually embracing what already belonged to us!” Black Girls Thread too!!!

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