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Amber is a licensed esthetician, multi-certified eyelash extension artist and educator, brow enthusiast and owner of Lashstrology.




the study and interpretation of eyelash flutter and movement as having influence over human affairs and the natural world

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My Story

Amber's love for beauty and astrology started at a very young age. Growing up she cultivated her talents to include art, music, and of course beauty. Amber created Lashstrology to bring light to how one's astrological signage influences beauty, personality and their personal everyday affairs.

At Lashstrology, our goal is to provide professional quality techniques, cultivate long term meaningful relationships with our clients and to be one of the best in the esthetics industry. 


We believe that some of the most simplistic things can greatly radiate one's inner beauty. One of our main objectives is to show our clients how truly beautiful they are, one lash at a time.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out


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