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The Secret Weapon to Successful Dating

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Whether your'e an online dater or enjoy traditional, “old school”, dating methods the dating game is hard! But what if I told you there was a secret weapon to getting any guy's attention, lash extensions.

Say you’re out having a drink. You’re smoking hookah and sipping your vodka tonic when you notice a super hot guy from across the bar. You casually glance his way and finally you guys make eye contact. A little shy, you look away and take a pull from your hookah. You dance a little bit to the music to let him know you're not a prude and casually look up to lock eyes with him again.

You slowly bat your eyes and give a slight smile this time making your gaze longer, fluttering your lash extensions. You yell for the bartender and try to act as if you don’t notice him approaching you. He asks what you're drinking, you smile and he smiles as back… how did you do it???

Feminine energy! And lashes of course!

Have you ever noticed how simply drawing lashes on Mickey Mouse turns him into Minnie and the list goes on? Lashes are a huge part of feminine energy!

Studies have shown that men have smaller eyes with little contrast between the eyes and the rest of their faces. A pronounced contrast between the eye area and the face is typically a feminine trait. Dark and longer lashes (i.e. lash extensions) make the sclera (white of the eye) look bigger and brighter and is a sign of health and youth. Think of how kids have big bright eyes and typically long lashes. Lash extensions give a perception of youth thus evoking a protective and nurturing response from the admirer.

Of course it takes a little more than just lashes to meet a guy but whats wrong with having a slight advantage? Scientifically you are considered more attractive with lash extensions.


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